A Picnic is an occasion where relaxation and leisure take preference; where family and friends make the ambiance and tranquillity is the state of mind.

At Kleine Constantia Boutique Guest House, we make picnic’s unforgettable. Be it a morning brunch or even an afternoon come evening lunch, we can cater for any occasion and time. Our morning picnic’s are accompanied by a serene setting of the surrounding manicured gardens which the sun gently kisses with its graceful rise. In the late afternoon and evening, the beautiful landscape transforms into an art work, creating a setting of a quiet vineyard afternoon.

Our picnic’s are a special occasion in South-Africa’s wonderful summer. Under the sun or under the stars, come and share a picnic with our family.

Booking is essential!!
Picnic boxes (for two people) priced at R385,00
Family package (for four people) priced at R670,00
Couples/Romantic package (for two people) priced at R495,00
Group package (for six people) priced at R1025,00

Day Picnic
In our Summer months, the South African days are warm and wonderful, with the sun gently greeting the morning with its warmth and light whilst the chirping of the birds calls nature to life. Come experience tranquillity at its finest.

Our day picnic hours are between 10h00 and 15h00.

Night Picnic
A picnic under the stars…

Celebrate a selection of wonderful eats and treats made by us for you, under the warm embrace of the South African night sky. Caressed with calmness and quiet of our serene surroundings and the hospitality of Kleine Constantia adding 5 more stars to a sky full of diamonds.

Family Picnic
Picnics are all about quality time. What better way to celebrate a peaceful day with the ones that you love. Do it in style at Kleine Constantia Boutique Guest House… Bring the family along and make lasting memories filled with love, peace and joy.

Romantic/Couples Picnic
Have that special someone? Celebrating a milestone?

Our Romantic/Couples picnic is sure to sweep your loved one off of their feet. Make a booking and spoil your partner with tranquillity, décor, a selection of food and music. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; and the way to a ladies is the effort in the details.